About us

About usOne-stop Digital Solution to small to medium business.

Who are we

Based in Sydney and Shanghai, SK8Tech is an innovative Digital Solution company with craftsman and entrepreneur spirits mounted deep in its root.

What do we do

We provide one-stop Digital Solutions to small to medium business. Transform your culture and operations to execute more efficiently.

A StartUp Partner

Since 2013, we have partnered with many founders of StartUp companies from all industries. Now have an aggregate, public market value of over $7 million AUD. If you’re looking for A StartUp Partner, contact us.

For eligible StartUps, we incubate the company, and provide necessary business, marketing, design, and technology skills.

For students, we provide most up-to-date technology education. With practical skills and hands-on training, our students thrive in the ever-changing.

Dive Into Our Fascinating WorldHistory made us who we are!

We always welcome talents. If you looking for a challenging, yet rewarding experience, Join us!