Shared server/ hosting service

Shared hosting service or shared server allows multiple websites to utilize a single server. Each customer will normally have a limit on the total amount of server resources what they can use. However, it will be defined by your hosting package. Shared hosting is the cheapest and the most economical option. Unfortunately, their cheap price comes with limitations.

Shared hosting has cheap options for personal customers. Usual price for this hosting service will range from $2.99 to $9.99. Furthermore, it comes with equipped with a built-in cPanel which makes it easy to manage customers’ website. Finally, it does not need technical maintenance to be done on end to the server. Fortunately, it included in part of the hosting package usually.

However, shared hosting’s load time is lot slower than dedicated servers. Also it can become overburdened by other sites which are sharing the server. If the website begins to receive higher levels of traffic, then performance will be decrease. At last, it requires high level of customization for the website’s performance.

For this reason, shared hosting service can be great option for website publisher with a small budget, or just getting start. However, it is not suitable for fast speed, and when you have small knowledge of technical skills. Thus, if you have more budget and wants to get strong service, then there are few alternatives such as dedicated hosting or VPS.

Dedicated server / hosting service

Dedicated server refers to the rent and exclusive use of a computer includes a web server, related software, and connection to the internet. Normally, dedicated server required for a website with heavy traffic and fast speed. This server can be configured and operated remotely form the client company. Basically dedicated server hosting service used people or company who wants stated amount of memory, hard disk space, and strong bandwidth.

Dedicated server has its own enhanced performance and security. Shared hosting can only handling low and weak traffic. However, dedicated server provide more stability and reliability than shared hosting. Furthermore, dedicated server has unique IP address. It helps you if you run e-commerce site with SSL credit card processing.

However, dedicated hosting is more expensive than shared hosting service. Cost would be $99 per month. It won’t be problem for the company, but for the individual such as blog or hobby websites. Additionally, dedicated server does not have physical access to the server. It means if you have poor host then you might lose data or service does not perform as well as you expected.

To conclude, dedicated server / hosting service is fast, more secure and stable. It has strong performance and security system with unique IP address. For this reason, it is suitable for company or individual who wants powerful bandwidth and tons of memory space. However, it is more expensive than shared hosting, and must require strong host. Fortunately, there are another option called Cloud server / hosting.


Cloud server / hosting

Cloud servers are great option if you need to optimize IT performance without the huge cost or managing fully dedicated infrastructure. Cloud server can be configured to provide levels of performance, security and control similar as dedicated server. However, it resides on a shared virtualized environment that managed by your cloud hosting provider.

Cloud hosting is probably the most cost-efficient method to use. In far sight, there are basically two options that one-time payment or pay as you go. All these options are reasonable price than dedicated server. The best advantage of cloud server would be the storage. Cloud server provide almost unlimited storage capacity to users. Finally, backup and restore data is easier than any other hosting services because it stores all data in the cloud.

Unfortunately, it has security issue in the cloud itself. Basically save data in the cloud means you show all sensitive information spread into the internet. This could potentially put your business to great risk. Also it has technical issue as well. Cloud service provide anywhere and whenever at the same time. Therefore, it could be outrage and cause other issues as well. Plus, it’s vulnerable to the internet connection.

Cloud server is the most cost-efficient method for the small to medium size of business or personal purpose. Furthermore, it provides almost unlimited storage with instant backup and restoring data. Yet, security issues are the most danger and urgent problem for the cloud hosting. If you do not have powerful security block system, you will risk sensitive information of company. Also it reliance on internet connection. So if it has bad internet connection, hosting service will be slow.


VPS / VPS hosting

VPS means Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting environment mimics a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment. Technically, it is both shared hosting and dedicated hosting. VPS is done by segregating a main physical server into multiple virtual servers. Each server in the system gets their part of resources based on custom requirements.

VPS takes advantages in cost, segregation, performance, and security. VPS receive fraction of dedicated server. So pricing is much less than dedicated server as well. Each virtual server is segregated from other servers on the same platform and there is no direct effect of one server’s activity and customization over the all other server. Performance of VPS is much better than shared server and little lower than dedicated server. Finally, as individual servers are separated with each other, each website gets its own operating system and resources. This makes difficult for another server invade the security.

Unfortunately, it has disadvantage such as maintenance problem. Each website has its own OS and other software, it is very difficult for web host to maintain all the OS and ensuring maximum uptime. Furthermore, sometimes, hosting provider doesn’t provide the allocated resources because most of other virtual server doesn’t use the full resources. Finally, it becomes difficult to manage virtual server during the unexpected traffic because most of time, resources are base of minimum requirements.

In conclusion, VPS is placed between shared hosting and dedicated hosting service. VPS takes most of advantage both two different hosting service such as cost, segregation, performance and security. However, because of its uniqueness, it has maintenance problem, resource provide issue, and managing server problem. To solve this problem, there is alternatives such as cloud server or dedicated server.


On-Site server

On-site server is literally build server inside of your own place. It could be in the company or personal storage such as warehouse. On-site server’s storage usually entails storing important data on a periodic basis on local storage devices such as hard drive, DVDs, or CDs.

On-site server come in a number of configurations from simple tower systems to fully featured edge servers. Therefore, it has few advantages. For example, low latency rate, easy manageable virtualisation, and high level of security. On-site server is local server, so almost there is no latency rate. Plus, it has physical server than others, so you can easily manage virtualisation. Finally, to invade security, it must through actual server storage, so it provides high level of security.

Badly, it requires huge amount of high power consumption and capital. Compared to the cloud or other server, hosting data on local site server requires more energy and drives up your bills. You need power for the server themselves and space with cooling system as well. Besides, it demands initial investment in equipment and software. Plus, you will face the cost for renewing software and licences, maintaining and upgrading hardware and expanding backup storage.

On-site server provides strong security, performance, and speed than any other hosting service. With physical server storage, it makes extremely low latency, high security, and great performance for hosting service. Yet, it requires high power consumption and maintenance to keep using. It needs physical server storage, so it demands power system to run the server, cooling system, software and hardware licences, and spaces as well. If you do not like On-site server option, then you may consider other hosting service such as cloud server, dedicated server, or VPS

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