I’ve Installed a WordPress SEO plugin. That means I don’t need an SEO consultant?

Answer is No. SEO is not a quick and easy neither. SEO is continuous process that should be woven into the fabric of website’s ongoing marketing efforts. Unfortunately, there is no plugin to cover all elements of SEO in WordPress. However, configuring website’s SEO plugin correctly is a beginning step in the right direction. So that’s why customer needs SEO specialist who understands organic search and strength of online marketing. Here is some real life example when you need SEO consultant.

When you upgrade WordPress or plugin, install new plugin or new theme. It will alter your website’s code. It may impact negatively to your website’s SEO if not properly accounted for that could cost you lost rankings.

Adding new plugins might slow down your website. Website’s loading speed is a high rank factor in Google algorithm.

In all online business, Content Marketing is critical. Optimizing content for specific Keywords based on SEO analysis can do wonders in attracting ideal prospective customers, engaging them, and converting them into potential buyers.

Running periodic SEO audits can ensure that website is always optimized and able to stay abreast of the changing SEO environment. With SEO consultant, they will advise and guide to increase organic traffic.

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