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SK8Tech helps small and medium enterprises develop unique websites to sell products online. Our team specializes in designing and developing e-commerce websites with search engine optimization. Our team provides the best online shop design that will increase your online sales, approach new customers and provide online stores to your customers. We offer excellent e-commerce website design, which will bring competitive advantage to your business when you promote your products online.

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We design for you good looking, customer conversion focused website which will also rank your website on Google. We design e-commerce website that helps you to sell your products and services through internet. We design for you most powerful e-commerce internet tool which helps you exchange electronic products and services without time or distance. We will provide you the fantastic business tool where you manage inventory, sales, bond trading and business-to-business transactions.

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We will design for you e-commerce website where you can deliver and promote their product worldwide. We help you sell your products and services through a global platform of e-commerce websites compared with the traditional business methods which tend to cover a wider range of customer. We design for you online shop which can be opening 24/7, your customer can purchase products at any time, rather than the average working time. Your online shop is open, whether it’s Sunday or national holiday. Our aim is to provide our customer online Shop which encourages customer buys products online and without visits any stores physically. This will also help you in boosting the sale.

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Our team creates online shop and e-commerce website design for your business. We focus on effective user interface and customer satisfaction. We use a simpler e-commerce website design, which can help you manage your products, transport, multiple images, inventory control, and payment options using Paypal or credit CARDS. We provide a great business tool in the form of online shop design, and many of our customers are amazed at how their customised websites translate their business into the most powerful marketing tool. Our team not only focused on the design of the website,  but we also offer a complete network and digital marketing services, starting from your website design, and search engine optimization, web writing, user interface design and other advanced features.  We can turn your online shop design into a profit and create a profitable platform for businesses.

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We have great team of designers, copywriters, developers, contributors, search engine optimization experts and digital strategy experts have turned your brand, product or service into reality through customized web design and online digital marketing.  Our team ensures that the theme of client site is warm and comfortable. Search engine optimization, as part of the online shop design, should be done smoothly without affecting e-commerce website design. Our design and search engine optimization teamwork step by step develops a valuable website with transition focus.

We know how to rank your online shop on Google in an ethical and compliance way. We will never make false statements with our client because our aim is just starting to rank your online shop. Our SEO strategy will lead to boon sales and queries. We know how to locate your main traffic keyword. We can also help you to manage your social media marketing which helps drive new business with help of social media platforms. Basically, our team manages your complete digital marketing which is the huge advantage of your online shop design.

Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce and more

Starting an E-Commerce business is exciting! Let SK8Tech get your E-Commerce website ready.

We are familiar with most major E-Commerce frameworks, as well as their features. We are constantly updating out knowledge base. Every website we build, we also makes sure that it is 99.9% hack-proof.

Contact us to learn more, or check out our Case Studies to find out more. 

Custom E-Commerce platform development

While popular E-Commerce platforms and frameworks should fulfill 95% of the business requirement, it might just be not enough, this is where SK8Tech shines.

With our expertise in development, we are able to develop custom E-Commerce solution fits to your every business need. Our business analysis representative collect requirements on scene and provide a custom strategy for you and you only.

Contact us to learn more, or check out our Case Studies to find out more.


We’ve given you the choice to build your online shop with very easier use of WordPress. We never use free templates and websites – all of our designs are develop according to your specific situation. Our WordPress developers are an expert in advanced e-commerce capabilities, including retail sites, and any type of wooCommerce integration. WordPress plug-ins are set of software that can easily install and update the e-commerce website design and also help grow as business conditions and requirements change.


We use WooCommerce which is free WordPress plugin is used to establish an online shop.  Although, there are many ways to build a WordPress stores and much online marketing solution WooCommerce is the best choice because it allows you to sell anywhere in the world. If you’re looking for an effective shopping cart method for your business, then WooCommerce is the best solution that we provide you.


We also use Shopify which provides you with all the requirements that need for your online shop. It makes our tasks easier just choose a theme, customize your website, add products, and immediately begin processing your customer’s credit card. We provide your e-commerce website with advance feature including unlimited products, fraud analysis, and manual order creation and manage the social network.


Through Magento, we try to give your new turn to your businesses with the full flexibility to control the function of online channels. We provide you directory Management, powerful marketing tools and SEO (search engine optimization) which create powerful e-commerce websites for your business. We use Magento’s to design e-commerce website which helps your business to sell their products through an online shop with full scalability and network support.

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Very good experience with the team. SK8 delivered project with high efficiency.

James Yu, Director Unichi Wellness

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