Manage your organization’s mailboxes, configure spam policies, set up restrictions, and customize user information from the

Control Panel

Dashboard and Domain details

Take control of all domain-related settings and your organization’s generalsettings from the Dashboard.

Two-factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of security to your accounts with Two-factor authentication. A mail-generated OTP, combined with your password, ensures your accounts are protected.

Domain details

Buy a new domain of your choice, set up multiple domains, monitor email hosting status, add domain aliases, and manage all your domains from a single window.

Custom Login URL and Logo

Customize your login URL such that your users will be able to login to, and customize your company logo on the login screen and the Control Panel.

Find out how to setup Two-factor authentication and Customize your login URL.

Group Management

Create group email addresses for specific channels, such as support,sales, and marketing, with relevant policies and permissions.

Group TypesOur mail offers four group types: Public groups, Organization groups, Private groups, and Moderated groups. Choose the best one for your channel's requirements.

Advanced SettingsManage advanced group preferences, such as permissions to email the group, customizing group notifications, and controlling spam at the group level.

Set group moderatorsChoose the required number of moderators for each group, and allocate custom member roles to each user.

Notification emailsUse your Control Panel to customize the notification or warning emails sent to group members or moderators.

Moderate email contentAll group email content that needs moderation is saved in the Control Panel, making verification and further processing easier.

Read more about Groups about our Mail.

Spam Policy

Our Mail’s spam policies keep spam away ensuring that genuine email lands in your mailbox.

Email AuthenticationWith validation protocols like SPF and DKIM, email authenticity is never going to be a question again.

QuarantineEmails that fail to be validated by the SPF or DKIM protocols can be quarantined, and you can decide whether these messages get delivered to user accounts.

Whitelisting and BlacklistingKeep your spam and genuine email sorted by adding them to your email Whitelist and Blacklist.

Spam ReportsKeep yourself informed of bounced email and the spam categories that rejected them by monitoring your Spam Classification Reports.

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