Search Engine Optimisation & Listing

You have a website? Let’s get customers to find you. Once your website is optimised,  search engines will rank your website higher in the search results, and thus bring you more customers.

There’re two stages to our Online Marketing service. SEO & Listing is the first step. We need to optimised your website technically to ensure its Title, Keywords, Description and contents are Search Engine Friendly. To raise credibility to search engine crawlers and bots, we will also submit your website for listing on various Search Engines and Social Medias. 

SEO & Listing takes 15 business days to complete, and  This one time service costs $1,650. This one-time service will ensure your website gets indexed by Google and other major search engines.

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Search Engine Marketing & Ranking

Once SEO & Listing is completed, you should be able to find website in Search Results. Now, let’s boost your ranking! In essence, Search Engines will rank the website with more credibility and relevance to a higher position in search Result. Thus Search Engine rank boosting requires an on-going dedication. Many techniques can be deployed to boost your ranking. 

A quick and simple solution would be to deploy Search Engine Marketing. It is a pay-by-click or pay-by-view service provided by Search Engines. Once user searched your appointed keywords, Search Engine will rank you website the first three position in the search result, where most users’ attentions are. We can help you research keywords, and run Adwords Campaigns to attract customers.

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Very good experience with the team. SK8 delivered project with high efficiency.

Yu Renjun, Director Unichi Wellness PTY LTD

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