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Do you know Chinese spend over 80% of spare time browsing WeChat content? There’re two types of development can be done on WeChat , WeChat Official Account and WeChat App.

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WeChat Official Accounts

WeChat Official Accounts had become one of the major source of information to everyday users. The data speaks for itself. If you’re a marketing person and trying to target Chinese demographic, there is No better way to acquire Chinese demographic than creating and maintaining an active WeChat Official Account with quality content. And this is where we excel at.

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WeChat App

New in 2017, WeChat now has its own ‘App Store’. WeChat App can be a the simplest and cheapest way to get your users on-board, since people are using WeChat anyway. Building a WeChat App instantly grants you the direct access to WeChat’s huge user base. Furthermore, since WeChat App Store was only officially introduced on 9th of Jan 2017, you are the very first ones in the market.

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Customers reviewWhat our customers say

I really like the way they set up there own website. the design team are helpful consultants and are really knowledgeable about what to put in your web design and development.The services were great. I’d recommend these guys to anyone. Good job done. Looking forward to do long term business with you.

Jude Ying, CEO Acunity Production

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