WeChatDigital Marketing towards Chinese Audience

WeChat, connecting 900 million people and more, is the One App That Rules Them All. According to WeChat Official Account data, Chinese audience spend over 80% of their spare time and attention inside WeChat.

For businesses and enterprises, WeChat provides the following services: WeChat Official Account and Mini Program.

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WeChat Official AccountConnecting your brand to a billion users

WeChat is THE app to do digital marketing towards Chinese customers. If you’re targeting Chinese demographic, WeChat is the best channel to get your marketing message through.

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WeChat DataWeChat Marketing Data Report

WeChat recently released their data report, check out their latest data: WeChat Data Report.


Daily Active Users


Monthly Active Followers


Monthly Active OAs



Mini ProgramA New Way to Connect

WeChat launched Mini Program in 2017. With it’s huge visitor traffic, WeChat quickly become the ‘App Store’ for Chinese population and Mini Program is a brand new way to connect with Chinese customers.

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