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Sony’s touchscreen projector technology feels like the future of interactivity

This year at SXSW, Sony opened up what it calls the “Wow Factory” in a converted warehouse on Trinity Street in Austin, where members of its Future Lab program have set up some of the coolest and weirdest hardware concepts out there. The Future Lab program is a research and development initiative that urges Sony employees to think more about human interaction and creativity, and not just bigger screens and faster processors.

Google’s Jamboard is the cutest collaborative whiteboard you’ll ever touch

Google has finally given a price and release date for the Jamboard, the 55-inch touchscreen display it wants businesses to buy and use as a hybrid whiteboard / conferencing system. That price is pretty high at $4,999 plus a $600 annual fee, but still much cheaper than Microsoft’s similar Surface Hub system. It’s designed for whiteboarding and teleconferencing, and it’s as good a system for doing anything else that I’ve tried.