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Samsung’s Gear VR may be the Galaxy S8’s greatest fringe benefit The Galaxy S8 may well be the next must-have phone. But thanks to this upcoming accessory, it’s also a Trojan horse for VR.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is almost here, and it’s getting some company. Samsung’s latest superphone will be officially unveiled on March 29, but one of its implied accessories has already seen the light of day. The newest version of the Gear VR was already shown off weeks ago at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona. The new model — the fourth iteration of the accessory that turns various Samsung Galaxy phones into a virtual reality helmet — now includes a dedicated controller, too.

Google’s fight with Uber over self-driving cars is heating up

Google’s legal battle with Uber over the development of self-driving cars is already off to an ugly start. Lawyers for the two tech firms spent the last two days bickering over which attorneys should be allowed to view the trade secrets Google claims were stolen by their former employees who went to work at Uber, and a lawyer for Uber said today in court that the company has been unable to locate one of those engineers.

Nintendo doubles Switch production plans after strong demand: WSJ

Nintendo plans to produce at least 16 million Switch consoles in the financial year starting this April, reports The Wall Street Journal, which claims this represents a doubling of the company’s initial plans on the back of strong demand. The only official indication of Switch sales to date is that Nintendo planned to ship 2 million units this month following its launch on March 3rd, though a WSJ source claims the true number may be 2.5 million or more.